It was around 5 AM when I received a call from Raymond Inkabi; a MSc. Geoinformatics students, UNIBEN. The call was about the ESRI Free sensitization training on ESRI ArcGIS for all students and lecturers of the Federal University. He inquired if he could be a part of this program. Why not? I will tell my friend Mr Joshua Okeke (one of the facilitators) about your visit.

Mr Raymond would call me again when he got to Akure from Benin, my description led him straight to the door of the Theodore Francis Idibiye Auditorium, Obanla Campus; the venue of the workshop that aims at providing general understanding of the concept of GIS and its broad application to all fields of study.

Mr Raymond was expecting to see me at the venue but he was shocked to know I was not in the building at that time but in Ibadan. “Wow, you led me to the venue like you were there” he said,

Welcome! To my Alma Mata Raymond!

Welcome! To my Alma Mata Mr Joshua!!

Welcome! To my Alma Mata ESRI!!!

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin

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