3lx MARKET LOGOAs they will sometimes tell you, mind your own business! This command simply means keep to your own activities, Do you. But what happens if your business is about other people’s business or better said as your business is about making other have the chance of doing their own business. So, the command, mind your own business might just be a pinch of salt to you if you are resolute.

The GISforAfrica’s promise of better lives for Africa entails 3 dimensions; Social, Political and Economic. The fulfilment of the promises lies in the hand of the GISforAfrica community; the elite group of entrepreneurial minds that tap into the Africa resources in their environments, that are proficient with the GISforAfrica solution models, obligated in different cadres of Labour for their societies, are constantly rolling out goods and services that are making lives and living be in excellent mode.

The GISforAfrica system is a vibrant network of activities or business units that cater to the needs of Africa across different industries and cultures.  

If the opportunity comes for you to be a part of our business units, grab it with your two hands.

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin

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