julieMan, always live in aggregates or groups; in a more or less ordered communion usually sharing the same geographic territory, characteristically subjected to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectation. Societies have different challenges or problems they deal with; Societal problem can therefore be defined as the problems affecting man in his environment and problems affecting man and his environment.

GISforAfrica sees Societal problems in three perspectives. Some problems are fundamental; they are problems that affect individuals directly e.g. lack of water, food, clothing and shelter. Some are regarded as Local problems; they are problems that affect group of individuals e.g. Bad Electricity Distribution, Bad water and Water Supply, Bad Transportation, Flood, Inadequate/Bad security, Bad Communication, Financial Problem, Bad Market, Bad Health and Bad Housing. Other problems highlighted as Regional Problems affect different groups of individuals at the same time. These groups might be closely or widely displaced. e.g. Problem of Land Tenure, Basic Amenities, Finance, Bad transportation, Bad commination, Bad Storage and Processing facilities, bad education, poor extension activities, Poor Tools and Machinery, Unstable governing policies and programs, Poor Marketing System, Pests and Diseases, Production Input, Unpredictable climate or Climatic Problem, Crime, Bad Sociological and Psychological attitudinal behaviour and environmental Degradation.

Several business units are beginning to evolve through GISforAfrica’s mapping the interrelationships, similarities and disparities across boundaries of societies. These Business units are to combat these societal problems in an inclusive manner through GISforAfrica’s programs and events.

So, when the opportunity for you be a part of GISforAfrica events and programs presents itself to you, grab it with your two hands.

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin

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