American University in Cairo

GISforAfrica believes so much in the African dream; in a future where Africans can truly dream of a better life on their shores. If you have been to Africa or you live in Africa, you will agree to the fact that there are quite a sizable number of infrastructures and institutions on this planet that can catalyse this hope for Africans but sadly majority of these infrastructures and institutions have failed and are failing over and over again. This is arguable but the truth is Africa lacks educated handlers of this infrastructures and institutions. An educated citizen is regarded as an embodiment of all human virtues, excellence and rectitude; the voluntary practice if all moral duties and abstinence from immorality and vice. Cardinal values include prudence, fortitude, temperance and justice and theological ones are hope, faith and charity.

Today, majority of people feel that education is equivalent to achievement of one certificate or the other. In other words, education to them means a way of getting what to eat and feed on. Sadly, the term “meal ticket’ is commonly subscribed to in educational institutions where virtues in its totality are supposed to be preserved. Therefore, individuals can ask themselves the position of the utility coefficient of his education in the society relative to the listed virtues. The society today is plagued with many tangible vices, a pointer to the fact that truly education does not really possess the efficacy to make a citizen or person educated or perfect. If the schools or other education institutions as it were don’t have the power to change a man to what the society really expects or hopes, the society needs a better alternative. The world needs to be saved from all vices; the citizens need genuine empowerment in the education they get.

For Africa’s infrastructures and institutions to supersede its expectations, it needs to harbour true educated people. When educated people are involved in the activities of the organisations, these organisations will surely develop and grow. GISforAfrica is intensifying her campaign and mission for education for productivity so that there can be fast and sustainable delivery of the African promise.

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin

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