An EMI Educator showing something to the President Mary.

My name is Adeyemo Mary, I am the president of Bond Society. I am a seed planted by God on a nutritious soil of Africa to bring forth a big tree for people to feed from. I am passionate about disseminating action inducing information to people, this means that when people hear me, they are empowered and geared into action.

As the president of Bond Society, I inaugurated a scheme called Bond Agricultural Empowerment Scheme (BAES) with the support of CEO of 3Lives Xpot Global Resources Nig. Limited the founder of the GISforAfrica Technology, the BAES was set up as a guideline to solve the problems of agriculture. Problems like poor land tenure system, problem of transportation, problem of infrastructure, problem of communication and so on. The amazing idea behind this is that as we are solving the agricultural problems we are solving society’s major problem likewise.

The scheme is powered by the GISforAfrica technology therefore, the BAES adopts GISforAfrica’s events and programs. I am proud to say that my community members are fully engaged in the act of developing our great nation with the BAES.

President Mary, GISforAfrica Community

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