My name is Adeyemo Mary and I am privileged to be the President of the GISforAfrica community called Bond Society. It brings me great joy to know that you are reading this piece because it is straight from my heart and you are very important.

I believe that you have the slightest possible hope that Africa will be great or rather Africa is becoming great already. However, if you are not of this belief I want to plead that you share this belief with me. You really have to because you are a very important resource that Africa and the future generation are counting on to actualise the potentials that is embedded in Africa. God is making you come across this for a reason and therefore, you have a part to play in the development and growth of Africa, starting from that little effort in your little capacity.

Rebekah Ingram said in the preface of Beginning GIS book by Olemu Ogheneochuko that “if we can begin not to think(act) as individuals, but rather as small pieces of a larger community, we will see that in many cases even the smallest step in education, training or the exchange of knowledge will have a wider and more large scale impact, and when multiplied by each individual, it leads to great gains. So today, my call is that in all you do, let your focus be on how you will and are developing Africa.

Furthermore, I charge you to be ready to participate in the Bond Agricultural Empowerment Scheme which ushers you into several important programs and events of the GISforAfrica social technology. This scheme is your guaranteed means of livelihood as well as you directly contributing into the collective growth and development in Africa through your investment. 

Feel free to log on to for more information about GISforAfrica’s programs and institutions.

Adeyemo Mary,

President, Bond Society.


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