I came across this very early today, Temitayo Balogun, #Worldshape “I want to shape the world where vulnerable children and the less privilege have equal opportunities with their counterpart.” This is a very interesting decision that more people should make if Africa is to move fast from underdevelopment.

I am in full support of this decision by Miss Temitayo Balogun because, if all the less privilege and vulnerable children have viable access to good education, good health system, food security, good water and security, they will all be part of the ever-growing human resource of Africa. I believe right people are those with right mind sets. Good mindset is a function of good opportunities. In fact, availability of these opportunities will to a long extent close the gap for social vices which emanated from hopelessness and jealousy.

I want to use this medium again to plead that I will to my possible best make Africa great and with the GISforAfrica social technology, it is just a matter of time before Africa begins to feel our impact of positivity and happiness.

Feel free to log on to for more information about GISforAfrica’s programs and institutions.

Adeyemo Mary

President Bond Society (GISforAfrica Community)


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