I feel great and blessed to officially present to you the list of some decisions that have been made by amazing minds in Africa:

  1. I want to plant with the best technique and seeds to fight food insecurity.
  2. I want to make sure the level of wastage recorded during harvesting to reduce by almost 90%.
  3. I believe that the availability of varieties of both food and cash crops will increase the potentials of innovations in feeding and industrialization. Therefore, I want to help Africa in have “good” crops.
  4. I want to help the Africa farms to have a good local transportation networks for both the farmers and the produce of the farm. This network is to connect farms to good storage facilities, markets and extension agents.
  5. I want to help secure the farm by creating an inclusive alarm system for the farmers that alerts the farmers of any forms of developments and hazards that can or will affect their farms. I believe this will help aid farmers’ decision making no matter how remote their farms are.

I must say I am so impressed with these decisions and more impressed with how the GISforAfrica technology has been helping in making these decisions come out good. These decisions will in a very short while become tangible products and service because already we have begun the process of converting these ideas into reality through the GISforAfrica programs. The Resources, Tools, Labour, and even the Beneficiaries are all in place for production.

Feel free to send me a mail on your decision or you can mail gisforafrica directly to inform me about your decision and we can help make that come out good for your livelihood and for the general advancement of Africa.

Adeyemo Mary, President of Bond Society (GISforAfrica Community)


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