Cost: it depends on the side of the divide that you are, the truth is quality education is costly. The cost for teachers’ wages, researches, teaching aides, excursions and even transportation multiplied with the number of people involved can be an enormous cost. Sometimes the bearer is the person that is being educated and sometimes the bearer is not being directly educated but bears the cost for those that cannot afford it. Quality education is costly and not free but we should create programs that make education “accessible to all”. So instead of saying “free education for all, I will prefer to say “accessible education for all”.

Schooling: here is a major cause of substandard education systems in many parts of the world especially in underdeveloped economies. I believe that, not every student needs to be trained within the so-called school walls. Hello? many places are not necessarily tagged schools but trust me what happens there is education. So, when we begin to understand that schooling is not just about attending a spatially bounded school but getting the experience that transforms to learning then we have begun to get it right in education. Therefore, schooling is the creating of experience that propels teaching and learning at the same time.

Science: people seem not to really understand the concept of science. Science is simply the quest for knowledge through research or procedures. If that is the case then every student must be a scientist. It is very important that we drive into the skulls of students that they have a mission and their mission is to search and get knowledge, they need to see that the majority of the task rests on their shoulder, they must at all time be open and receptive to knowledge and the teachers are simply there to guide them. Therefore, we are all scientists therefore we are expected to be pools of knowledge.

Language: well, I have several definitions for the term language and I will love to share these. Language is how you communicate with your environment. Language is the format in which information is exchanged between you and your physical and socio environments. Language is the way the brain creates her own pattern of understanding the information it gets from the environment to produce the appropriate action or reaction. Therefore, no matter how teaching is carried out a student must find the right language in which he learns. I tell my students to always find a way of translating class contents to the language they speak most and not the language of the teacher.

Technology: often when we hear technology we have a rigid understanding to it. Technology is simply the application of the knowledge you have gotten. It is a way of you expressing what you know either physically or socially. Therefore, when you say you know, prove it. Technology is your proof.

Skills: interestingly, as you work on exhibiting your knowledge, skills are accrued and innate ones develop. I might not know I can speak till I speak or run as fast as I will discover till I run. So, while we are acquiring knowledge with the mind set of applying the knowledge, trust me skills are born. Therefore, get the right skills as you are doing right.

Trade: this is the point of exchange, a place and time where you give out what you have and get what you necessarily do not have. It is very important for students to know that what they are giving out as a result of their technology is a value and money isn’t the only thing they can exchange it for. The society needs to understand that when we only quantify products by money, we limit its value. Therefore, as you learn today, be ready to come out with a product that you will you to exchange the bad of the society for good. Let good be what you expect for your work.

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin

Twitter: @Olemuochuko IG: Olemuogheneochuko




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