On the 25th of July 2017, GISforAfrica induced the Bond CityTalk at the Admin Office of the Bond Society for some of her investors. It is a milestone in the GISforAfrica history as this is the fifth GISforAfrica Citytalk and the first strictly for her investors. GISforAfrica has found her way into the sense of some young Africans and they have thoughtfully invested in the GISforAfrica Bond Society Development Bank for the past three months.

The July 25, 2017 CityTalk tagged “Welcome into our Excelling Market” was a very good platform to welcome these young investors into the next phase of GISforAfrica’s venture. These young investor’s investment has yielded the creation of about 23 Bond City business units and these units are all open for mobilisation of both fund and labour. It was a thing of joy for all these young investors as the executives of the Bond Society provided the report on all of these business units and there was a lot to eat.

Also in attendance were the representatives of iMentor Nigeria.

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