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The Bond City is a city where all needs are supplied aptly and timely, where citizens play important roles in community building, where there is an egalitarian distribution of resources, where there is safe and conducive environment for growth and development, where there are valuable cultural traits, that intuitively rises to balance disturbance and threats to social equilibrium, with both Spatial and Temporal boundaries, with a green economy, that has the adequate energy needed for work and play and that can be called a Perfect society.

This is not just a concept but a seed that has grown into a great wealth of abundant results that in diverse forms are materializing in form of infrastructural and cultural growth. The Bond City has its socio-politico-economic master plan well laid out and hence it is just logical that we begin to mobilize more labour into the city’s business units so more potential beneficiaries of the Bond City can be reached.

Bond City’s economy is founded on demands especially new demands of a much younger population that will want new products and services from the private and public sectors. This GISforAfrica induced economy will be a more balanced economy and less dependent on traditional exports. GISforAfrica governance will play a visible but not always see-through role in promoting egalitarian as well as competitive aims.

With what is poised to be the face of Africa’s new economy, the outside world would neglect new GISforAfrica oriented products, industries and institutional innovations at its own peril. Bond City will remain a formidable power and a source of ceaseless products and process development as well as a source of new policy experiments that will help others find workable solutions.

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin

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