The Bond City is now a reality and I am excited to announce that the 31st day of July of every year starting from 2017 as the Bond City day. It must be said that all the three institutions (EMI, BSDB and 3LX Market) of the GISforAfrica as well as the three offices of the GISforAfrica community are well fortified for all the activities of the GISforAfrica Bond City.

Here is a quick reminder of things you already know; our business units are like battery cages of our poultry that we will be ushering our labour into so that they can come out with products that will be trading with the beneficiaries. The Bond City possesses its spatial and temporal map which its products’ structure can be delineated in space and time (x,y)t.

Our earnest tasks are about getting out education contents, in fact we can authoritatively say that we have our contents well scouted, therefore, it is all about:

  1. Highlighting our content application.
  2. Defining our content evaluation.
  • Monitoring our content documentation.
  1. Administering our content delivery.

There has been a successful commissioning of a few business units and the excitement of the BondFood, Hairdressing, Planting, Food crops, Clothing, Modelling, Designing and music business units in both the Secretariat and extension offices. All these business units can be regarded as our initial content applications, our targets and means of attaining these targets becomes our evaluation parameters, documentation of our contents as topics or areas of focus across LSSTT being monitored as we deliver our contents.

With our partnership with iMentor Nigeria, we will be able to exert more influence on Bond City’s environment and with the partnership with EMI we can influence two types of programs; the first mentorship program is more of general improvement or development of skill sets that does not necessarily fits into the Bond City Business units while the second mentorship program is for the engagement into the Bond City.


President Adeyemo Mary #BIMA

bond city logo

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