A society is as rewarding as the production of her education. Hence, the 2017/2018 EduCONNECT Initiative has been engineered to regenerate and revitalise all the facets of the Nigerian and African education system.

The EduCONNECT initiative is GISforAfrica’s strategic approach to standardise education and make education exciting. This initiative is about breaking down a redundant education structure and demonstrating cultural change to prevent a monotonous academic cycle.

The EduCONNECT initiative produces a reconceptualisation of selectives from the base level of secondary education to catalyse the process of teaching, learning and evaluation. Also, it generates a clinical flow of inputs from parents, teachers and students to implement a solid socio-politico-economic base that nurtures the learners’ mindset to productivity.

Applicable education turns the school and the society at large into workspaces. Therefore, the EduCONNECT initiative drives students to undertake individual and team based projects to stimulate process flow management and deciphering of open minded approach to tasks and production.

Overall, EduCONNECT Initiative is to improve the overall quality of education and life through reforms initiated for multiple imparts on the schooling, model incorporating curriculum, advancement of teaching techniques , study methods and resources, support and results.

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