The Bond City is a city created and shaped by a nearly perfect Resource System called GISforAfrica. The Bond City does not only possess highly desirable and nearly perfect qualities in theory but also possess a practically engineered system of achieving near perfection. There is an egalitarian distribution of goods, services and resources; there is a gradual abolition of the injurious quest for money and citizens enjoying doing the needful work for the common good leaves the society with ample time for the cultivation of the arts and language of development and growth.

The Bond City harbors an intentional society which is driven by the GISforAfrica system and technology. This helps her to manage her exciting Spatial Resource infrastructure of Policies, Standards, Human Resources, Geographic Resources, other technologies and activities necessary to acquire, process, distribute, use, maintain and preserve her spatial resources and culture.

GISforAfrica as the African Resource System and technology provides the action-inducing information to build and sustain the Bond City through its capabilities of visualizing, analyzing, Interpreting, and storing of different resource information bands which makes decision makers to understand trends, relationships and pattern and how to release well-accustomed action schemes at different times and location within the spatial and temporal boundaries of the social system.

To sustain the cultivation of the arts and language of development and growth, The Bond City through GISforAfrica accesses both the State and Educational Resource centers and maintains a vibrant labour force that is duly equipped with adept tools for production and distribution to satisfy the citizens wherever they are at a given time.

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