It is important that we intensify our effort this week to promote our entrepreneurship program and skills competence. Buoyed by Govornor Abiola Ajimobi’s Instagram post on the fact that 60% of our population is Youths and the need for the society to concentrate on making entrepreneurs out of them. Sadly, the education system that we know in Nigeria has not really been helpful in this course.

I am sure that the governor as well as many citizens will be so excited to know that we have a revitalized education system that has been helping me as well as other new breed of youths in the city of Ibadan; the Oyo State capital. I am confident that more youths will be drafted into this revolution with our commitment to this course of expanding the reach and effect of GISforAfrica social technology; the technology that drives this entrepreneurship program.

As we proceed on our 100 days community project in Egbeda Local government of Ibadan, I am confident that we will be able to sustain the businesses that myself and my colleagues have been able to build.

Adeyemo Mary (BIMA)

President of Bond Society(GISforAfrica Community)eduCONNECT 2

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