The term entrepreneurship is getting popular by the day especially in Africa. It is no more a news that many people now believe that entrepreneurship or entrepreneurs play or will play important role in the emancipation of Africa. However, entrepreneurship cannot be fully effective if the environment is not right. Entrepreneurship goes beyond just skills acquisition or vocation, it is the role playing in the society for solving the society’s problems.

I am an entrepreneur and I have been working extensively for the past three years to build a formidable entrepreneurship program by creating an enabling environment for myself and same breed of entrepreneurs as I am to thrive in this African socio-politico-economic terrain.

Three institutions sum up this enabling environment that I built through the GISforAfrica social technology. The institutions are the EduCONNECT Mobile Institution, Bond Society Development Bank and the 3LX Market. An entrepreneur needs a viable and apt education system for constant education for production, he needs a financial system that values his businesses not just from a limited perspective of money and a good market structure that ensures effective demand and effective supply.

With these institutions I am very confident that myself and my entrepreneurs stand a good chance to solve societal problems.

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin


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