Societal problems are the problems affecting man in his environment. Societal problems can be divided into three.
i. Fundamental problems: affect individuals directly e.g. lack of food, water, clothing and shelter.
ii. Local problems: these affect group of individuals e.g. Bad water or water supply, Bad Electricity distribution, Bad transportation, flood, inadequate or bad security, bad communication, financial problem, bad market, bad health and bad housing.
iii. Regional problem: these affect different groups of individuals at the same time. These groups might be closely or widely displaced. E.g. problem of land tenure, basic amenities, finance, transportation, communication, bad storage, processing facilities, education, poor tools and machineries, unstable governing policies and programs, poor marketing system, pest and diseases, problem of unpredictable climate or climatic condition, problem of sociological and psychological attitudinal problems, poor extension activities, problems of crime.

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