Building in Your Enabling Environment

The state has experienced a lot of significant improvement since your inauguration into the office of the Governor of Oyo State and I am so excited to be in this state during your regime. I moved back to Ibadan in 2015 from the City of Akure in Ondo state. Akure has harboured me and my partner for the creation of the GISforAfrica Social technology. We moved to Ibadan when myself and my team needed to run and work out GISforAfrica solution providing theories.

Coming to Ibadan city at that time was a tough decision, but it has been worthwhile. Your administration has enacted a cultural shift in this state that is given a hope of economic advancement and commercial liveliness. The number of human capacity development programs that have happened in the last 6 months are numerous including the “Moulding the future that we want”, “FREE conference”, “shift think” and “Unleashed the Conference” to mention a few. These programs signify growth in the media industry and also the quest to drive more resourceful citizens. I believe you laid the antecedent through initiative that has turned the so-called ailing public service into a more competent service providing institution.

One of the major highlights of the GISforAfrica activities in your state has been revitalizing the education system to propel sustainable and futuristic socio-politico-economic growth and development. I must say at this junction that once again your policy has created an enabling environment for GISforAfrica EduCONNECT Initiative to thrive in your state; the Governing board set up in our public secondary schools is a laudable initiative by the honourable governor. I am compelled as a dweller of your state to declare to you that GISforAfrica will maximise and complement the increasing enabling environment for economic growth in the state by partnering with more schools in the state to ensure that the vision of the governor is attained even in your regime and beyond.

Recently, GISforAfrica entered a partnership with iMentorNigeria to form a formable push EduCONNECT initiative to deliver on her promise of education for productivity. The promise of strategic approach to standardize education and make education exciting, break down a redundant education structure and demonstrate cultural change to prevent a monotonous academic cycle, produce a reconceptualization of selectives (course) from the base level of secondary education to catalyse the a better process of teaching, learning and evaluation and also generate a clinical flow of inputs from parents, teachers and students to implement a solid socio-politico-economic base that nurtures the learners’ mindset to productivity. The use of our geographic information system (GIS) across any stage of education would enhance learning and enable students to interact directly with the lesson content. 

Applicable education turns our schools and the society at large into workspaces. Therefore, the EduCONNECT initiative drives students to undertake individual and team based projects to stimulate process flow management and deciphering of open minded approach to tasks and production.

Overall, EduCONNECT Initiative is to improve the overall quality of education and life through reforms initiated for multiple impacts on the schooling, model incorporating curriculum, advancement of teaching techniques, study methods and resources, support and results.

I hope this information will be a soothing one to the number citizen of this great state of my birth and residence. God bless Nigeria, God bless Oyo State and God bless us all.

Yours Sincerely,

Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin.





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