GISforAfrica is an exciting network of African GIS users: experts, scholars and benefactors. The GISforAfrica Community is made up of individuals, groups of individuals, companies, government agencies and organizations from different geographic locations and of different disciplines, ages, languages, ideas, genders and drives all united under the umbrella of impacting GIS in Africa for Africa communities therefore propelling socio-economic development.

The GIS users are the people component of the GIS and they need the right initiatives so as to duly deliver on their mandate of socio-economic development. EduCONNECT, AgricINVADE, Ring of Strength, Quick Response, Energy and Grassroot Autonomy Initiatives are all created to govern the sense of the people and create platforms for delivering our solution packages into the society.

Solution models are generated through research and research implementation to educate and empower citizens to experience socio-economic development and growth in their communities. Our initiatives and solution models serve as the apt and adept links between our Geographic System and its environment which is the society at large.

A governing body is set up and incorporated for legal strength to initiate programs, events and other business services to propel the GISforAfrica organization through profits that enable us to do more. The governing body of GISforAfrica is categorized under the Executive, Capacity, Technical, Media and Community teams. GISforAfrica is managed by 3Lives Xpot Global Resources (Nig.) Limited. All the company’s resources are focused on the growth of GISforAfrica.

The governing body maintains a viable channel of administering the operations of her community members. These channels adequately cater to the integral areas of human daily lives, ranging from Manufacturing, Mass Media, Husbandry, Energy, Transportation, Distribution, and Real Estate. GISforAfrica community members are recognized as Bond Society.

The CEO of 3LX signed an MOU with the President of the Bond Society on the 20th day of November, 2015 for the release of programs and development of action plans that would increase economic capacity for self-sustainability. We are focusing on; Education, Health, Security, Employment and Food.

When GISforAfrica switches on in an environment; it utilizes a wide variety of technologies (including social and behavioral), designs a structure of Resources, Labour and consumers (Beneficiaries), Plans and controls activities, select and motivates all citizens (Members) as gainfully employed decision makers. All these are geared toward production of adept goods and services that would better the human race.
Twitter: @GISforAfrica

Office Address:
Excellent Height Building, Zone 12, Celica,
Off New Ife Rod, Ibadan, Oyo State.
+234 805 834 6825

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  1. I’m a professional GIS based on Hargeisa Somaliland, it’s wonderful to see GIS network like this for my first time, i really like to be part of it and contribute to my experience in this network.

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