Ibadan CityTalk1

3LX in Conjunction with the Procurement and Supply Chain department


The GISforAfrica Ibadan CityTalk 2015


  1. Parent/Guardian.
  2. Start-Up owners.
  3. Entrepreneurs,
  4. Teachers
  5. consumers,
  6. Laborers.
  7. MSMEs
  8. Other important decision makers.

3LX Presence in Ibadan and what that means for them

  1. GISforAfrica Technology: is a technology built by the company to bring together material, humans and information resources to accomplish the complex task of socio-economic development especially in African communities. GISforAfrica Initiatives are the acts intended in solving socio-economic problems and generating new sets of action towards growth and development.
  2. EMI: The EduCONNECT Mobile Institution is a mobile school that impacts knowledge and skills as the right investment on individuals and organisations as pieces of a larger community. The institution provides a direct therapy of knowledge that ignites a holistic system of education and production. Through our institutional processes, small steps in education, training, and exchange of knowledge are multiplied with time and space for a wider scale of impact. The EMI administers the GISforAfrica initiatives.
  3. 3LX market: is a tech hybrid service that monitors and engages connections and interactions of both people and resources in a workspace for doing business and trading in different geographic
  4. BSS: the Bond Society Secretariat is an extension of the administrative arm of the 3 Lives Xpot Global Resources and it open for business with departs including Transportation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Energy, Mass Communication and so on. The BSS organises and supervise the new African generation citizens toward sustainable growth and development.
  5. NODA: Nigerian Open Data Access is one of the few open data portal in Africa that provides high quality data to users, this was borne out of the passion for the need of local content and making it available to researchers, students, developers, NGOs, Government agencies, Private businesses and freelancer.
  6. AYEO: Agricultural Youth Empowerment Organisation.

Main Speakers:

  1. Olemu Ogheneochuko Oluwatimilehin: CEO 3Lives Xpot Global Resources (Nig.) Limited, he will be presenting the power, origin of the GISforAfrica Technology made in Nigeria and the expectation of this technology in our society. He will also be advocating for the use of this technology by the citizens of the state to increase our productivity and boost tourism. He will also be letting us into our business plan for the remainder of the year.
  2. Mrs Florence Oyebamiji: HOD Procurement and Supply chain department, she will be talk about purchase and surpply as the blood of any social or business organisations.
  3. Adeyemo Oba Ayodele: GIS and Map Expert, Data Analyst, Open Data Advocate (NODA): he will be letting us know more about the power of information as a very important resource for both individuals and any social or business organisations.

Description of the CityTalk

  1. Entertaining
  2. Educative
  3. Inspiring
  4. and Motivating.

Impression of the CityTalk:

  1. Youths: the CityTalk is focusing more on people between the ages of 14 to 30.
  2. Special guests that are key decision makers in the Ibadan City.
  3. The CityTalk is poised to draw around 300 live audiences with over 20, 000 remote audiences through our social media and mass communication platforms.
  4. CityTalk is connecting to the schools, Farms, Business firms and families as primary social structure contacts.

Mission or Objectives of the Ibadan CityTalk

  1. Official launch the activities of the company in Ibadan.
  2. Increase customer base.
  3. Awareness of the Bond Society Secretariat.
  4. Establishment of new supply chain of income and revenue for citizens of Ibadan.
  5. ————————————————————————



GEO week banner

GeoWeek (Nov. 17-23) and GISDay (Nov. 20).

GISforAfrica celebrates with Ondo State and the whole world in general.  The celebration is directed towards the awareness and literacy of geography and GIS. The theme of the GeoWeek is  geography and the new age of exploration. Come November 20, 2013. GISforAfrica moves to enlighten the concerned sectors on the importance and benefits of GIS to Business, Education, and Security (#BES).

Programs have been scheduled for each day in the GeoWeek and also the GIS Day. The purpose of the week:

a)      To encourage the interest in geography.

b)      To make aware, the benefits of good inter communication in various level of education.

c)      To expose Businesses, Schools, Government ministries, and Security firms to the benefits of the knowledge and practical application of GIS.

d)      To contribute greatly to the promotion of geography education.


Sunday 17, Nov. 2013

Online awareness: we welcome the member of GISforAfrica community and concerned parties within the reach of GISforAfrica into the GEO-Week

Monday 18, Nov. 2012 ( Education Day1 #EduCONNECT)

Mr. Olatunji Damilola, the geography teacher of St. Louis Girls Grammar School, Akure, Ondo State (Established in1960) welcomes GISforAfrica community for the Education Day1 of the Geoweek with 200 geography students.

Event of the day

a)      Lecture: the importance of geography to the new developments

b)      Introduce the geography communities of the world to the students and teachers, so they can also benefit in their programs which will improve learning skills.

c)      Conduct a mini quiz among the students with the help of the geography teacher.

d)      Supply learning materials to the teacher, to aid the teaching of GIS as it was recently introduced to the curriculum.

e)      Take pictures.

Tuesday 19, Nov. 2013 (Education Day 2 #EduCONNECT)

Mrs. Oniya Olufunke, one of the geography teachers of Oyemekun Grammar School, Akure, Ondo State (Established in 1953) welcomes GISforAfrica community for the Education Day2 of the Geoweek with 470 geography students

Event of the day

as it was highlighted in 18 Nov 2013 schedule

Wednesday 20, Nov. 2013 (GIS Day)

GISforAfrica’s team will visit businesses, and security stations in Akure metropolis in Ondo State to introduce, perhaps aid workers and security officials on the learning and physical application of GIS.

Thursday 21, Nov 2013 (Education and Governmet #EduCONNECT)

GISforAfrica’s team will visit Fiwasaye Girls Grammar School and repeat the same program we had in 18 Nov 2013 schedule (in St. Louise Girls Grammar School)

They will also pay a visit to the Ministry of Education to make the government aware of the assistance GISforAfrica is making to the geography education in Ondo State and create a platform to discuss more on the way forward in developing learning skills.

Friday 22, Nov 2013 (Broadcast Day)

GISforAfrica’s team will visit the media house.

Saturday 23, Nov 2013 (Publication Day)  

GISforAfrica’s team continues the awareness of the GEO-Week and GIS Day through the medium within their reach.


We welcome concerned parties for sponsorship and support to make this GeoWeek and GIS Day activities a more effective and interesting.

Contact Us:



Idris Apanpa

Information Manager


GISdayDesktopBack        key image







Akure City Talk is the first people-connect oriented event from GISforAfrica, this talk is titled “A MILLENIUM CITY EQUIPPED WITH GIS”. Live audience ranges from students from tertiary institutions in Akure, secondary school students, National Youth Service Corpers, Business men and women in Akure, Academicians in Akure, Artisans, Dignitaries, Civil servants and the general public of the City of Akure. The City Talk focuses on GIS as a driver tool to economic and community development of the millennium city called Akure. July 6 marks the beginning of the journey of a city and its dwellers toward GIS literacy and visible positive shift in economic and community development.

GISforAfrica will be working with thriving businesses in Akure City, the state capital of Ondo State.

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