We are always faced with the responsibility of making several decisions daily, basic decisions like; when to leave the bed? what to eat? Where to go? How to cook your favourite dish? Which colour of shirt to put on? Whose house should you visit? As easy as these decisions are, making the wrong decisions could be very detrimental to the program of the day and even the cost of living through that day.

More important questions sometimes provide us with ample time to think for example: which school am I to attend? What career should I choose? How do I go about my relationship? When should I resign, or retire? Interestingly, ample time doesn’t necessarily mean good or great decisions. More about decisions is that it doesn’t just affect the maker of the decision alone but also people around the maker be it far or near.

You will agree with me that people should make the right decisions always. But it might be too harsh to criticise people that made a wrong decision if you don’t fully understand the options they were left with as well as the psyche of the person at that time. However, instead of crying too much over bad decisions, I suggest that we find a way of making sure people have the chance of making the right decisions at every instant.

It brings me so much joy to announce that the GISforAfrica social technology helps people to reduce that chances of making wrong decisions because they are intuitively and consciously exposed to all the spatial and temporal boundaries that could and will affect their decisions.

Be a part of the GISforAfrica programs today and be rest assured that as you shoot for the sun, you can find succour that you can fall within the stars.

Log on to http://www.gisforafrica.org

President Mary Adeyemo Bond Society (GISforAfrica community). #BIMA


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